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Three Angels names taken from the shape called Triangle [trahy-ang-guhl]. we adopted the triangle shape because we think, we represent three of the triangle. Triangle has 3 sides and we are 3 girls who have a different personality and character. We've found a perfect names for this blog so, the three angels is a modified version of the word Triangle, it has 2 meanings, it can be triangle shape that always balance (equilateral triangle) or 3 beautiful Angels ;). Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

Mega Gumelar
Name : Mega Gumelar
Birthday: Surabaya, 19 February 1997
Height:  160cm
Weight: 45kg
Foot Size: 40

Thalia Alkhaf
Nama: Thalia Alkaf
Birthday: Tangerang,27 Februari 1997
Weight: 45kg
Foot Size: 37

Dwinda Faza
Name: Dwinda Faza
Birthday: Tangerang, 26 Agustus 1997
Height: 165cm
Weight: 40kg
Foot Size: 39/40

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