Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

Aşteptare pentru a opri ploaia ♥

Hey guys, this is Mega typin. I just woke up just now, by the time i was wondering that its arleady afternoon. I've saw that the rain is heavy out there, the rain water flooded my backyard btw. I know, that's crazy right? rain water has flooded onto my porch as well. Sometimes the weather in Indonesia is kinda weirdo, 5 minutes rainy comes out, and 5 minutes later changed to bright sunny day, and 5 minutes next heavy rain comes along, and would be like that over and over.

Well, right now the rain is stopped, and now is so cold, it's on the good temperature not too hot and also not too cold. Today i would like to post some of my photoshoot that has taken for a reason, yeah for a reason *Jeng Jeng Jeng* xD

So, i've joined a photo competition on a teen magazine, and the result of the winner would be published beggining of April. Kinda nervous for the result, i hope that i'm winning this lol, i'm very excited ;)

Here i go, introducing you some photoshoot has taken, with the themes called Jazzy ♥ It's simple classic old school types i think hehe, well i don't know what exactly those words mean and goes to :p hehe, i named the themes as Jazzy because my blazer that looks kinda old and worn, maybe cause of its fabric that looks like it, hehe :)

Model : Mega Gumelar
Photographer : Mega Gumelar
I'm wearing : 'Love Me' T-shirt, Grey Blazer, Owl Necklace (It's my favourite necklace so far xD), Ribbon Pin, Brown Belt, Hotpants, Apple Grey Stocking, and 'Gats Cruise' Brwon Boots. All the stuffs are unbranded except the boots :)

So that's all, thanks for coming :) don't forget to follow THIS BLOG to get the latest updates of street fashion and vintage style from Indonesia xox Peace

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